Smithport Cabinetry has manufactured fine custom cabinetry in the United States for over 35 years. Located in Smithville Tennessee, Smithport’s factory operates with some of the most state of the art equipment available today. This technology combined with a team of true craftsmen, create a high quality custom product with endless design options.

Manufacturers of Fine Custom Cabinetry

Smithport Cabinetry is a distinguished name in the world of custom cabinetry, known for its dedication to excellence, meticulous craftsmanship, and innovative design. Our mission is to transform your living spaces into functional works of art that reflect your unique style and elevate your daily life.

Cabico manufactures two cabinet lines, Essence and Unique. Both have full access and framed construction options.

The K Series

The K series comes standard with a plywood box and solid maple dovetail drawers. All standard door and drawer hardware is manufactured by Blum which carries a lifetime warranty. The K series also can be built in the following constructions:

• Frameless (European full access)
• Framed Inset (Hinges can be exposed or concealed)
• Framed Overlay (Partial or full Overlay)

The H Series

The H series, like European made cabinetry, is built with a high quality melamine particle board box construction. All drawer boxes come standard as a solid maple dovetail, with Blum full extension undermount glides. The H series is fully custom but is only constructed as a Frameless European full access cabinet.

Unrivaled Craftsmanship

Smithport Cabinetry represents the pinnacle of craftsmanship. Our team of skilled artisans takes pride in handcrafting each cabinet to perfection. Every detail is meticulously attended to, resulting in cabinetry that is as durable as it is beautiful.Smithport Cabinetry is a fully custom manufacturer and can supply all the custom cabinetry for your home, from your kitchen, baths and laundry room to your custom libraries, entertainment centers and built in’s, Smithport Cabinetry can build it all!


Smithport Finishes

Smithport Cabinetry provides some of the highest quality finishes on the market. Available as painted, stained, or glazed the finish possibilities are endless. Smithport offers a wide variety of pre-formulated finishes that are available in different gloss options. If the preformulated finishes are not what you are looking for Smithport can develop a finish just for your project or can match any finish sample provided.

Smithport Laminates

Smithport Cabinetry offers a wide variety of laminate finishes. Laminate finishes are available in textured faux wood, smooth faux wood, high gloss, standard gloss or ultra matte.


As a fully custom cabinet manufacturer nearly any operable hardware component or accessory can be used to construct your cabinetry. Blum hardware is used standard for all frameless cabinet door hinges and drawer glides. These door and drawer glide systems come standard with Blum’s soft close feature.

Timeless and Distinctive Design

Our design philosophy revolves around creating spaces that stand the test of time. Whether you desire a classic, contemporary, or eclectic style, Smithport Cabinetry offers a diverse range of design options and finishes that are both timeless and distinctive.


Smithport Cabinetry comes with a 7 year limited manufacturer’s warranty. This warranty guarantees the product to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 7 years.

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When you choose Smithport Cabinetry, you're choosing the best in design, craftsmanship, and customization.