Cabinet Makers in Juno, Florida

Kitchen Cabinet Makers in Juno, Florida

Custom Kitchen Cabinetry Crafted with Artistry at Palm Beach Cabinet
Based in lively Juno, Florida, Palm Beach Cabinet Company is devoted to the belief that genuine workmanship is an art form that enriches your house with personality and beauty. Custom kitchen cabinets are our forte, and we take great pride in crafting luxurious storage solutions that mirror the individuality of each house and its occupants.

Custom Cabinetry Solutions

Like you, every house has its own qualities. Our high-end kitchen cabinets are hand-crafted by a team of experienced cabinetmakers to meet your every need. We offer everything you need to increase storage capacity, give an area a more refined design, or improve functionality.

Kitchen Cabinets from Trusted Brand’s

Exploring Our Signature Kitchen Collections

  • Elmwood Kitchens is known for its high-quality, aesthetically pleasing, and functionally designed kitchens that are the result of a fusion of creativity and ingenuity.
  • Smithport Cabinetry provides bespoke kitchen cabinet solutions that reimagine chic living by elevating rooms with meticulous craftsmanship and classic styles.
  • Luxor Collections for unmatched luxury and functionality, which combine artistic beauty with modern design.
  • NatureKast turn outdoor spaces into long-lasting, fashionable additions to your home. They combine hand-made beauty with practicality, with made-to-measure custom cabinetry.
Modern kitchen interior with clean lines, custom cabinets, and pendant lighting over a central island with bar stools.

Why Choose Palm Beach Cabinet?

Palm Beach Cabinet Company takes pride in its extensive selection of cabinet styles and its first-rate customer service. Working with us to design bespoke kitchen cabinets that surpass your wildest dreams, can transform your uninspiring kitchen into a breathtaking expression of your own style. If you are ready to start making your dream kitchen a reality, we are the ones to contact.